Handgun Holster Availability List
Last updated  5-25-11

Below, is a list of handguns that we are able to make holsters for.

If you don't see the model you need, please contact us for availability--the chances are that we can still fit your model.  

Equipment Rail Notice:  If your model has an equipment rail, please take note:   Many handgun manufacturers are now offering an integral equipment rail on their models--some without changing or making a designation to their model name/number. If you are ordering a holster for a model that has an equipment rail, but the same model was originally offered without (i.e various Glocks, Sigs, S&Ws, etc.), or you are uncertain, to ensure that you receive the correct holster for your handgun, please be sure to indicate on the order if your model has an equipment rail (a simple "w/rail" after the model will suffice). This is not necessary for models that originally featured a rail (i.e. most H&Ks, SA XD and others).

Crimson Trace Compatibility Information:  Click here.

 Latest Additions:

(05/25/11) Ruger  LC9
(04/21/11) Ruger SP101 327 Fed (IMPORTANT--see listing below for specific ordering instructions)
(04/18/11) Kahr P Models w/CT LaserGuard (P/PM 9/40/45s)
(04/17/11) Kimber Solo
(02/11/11) Walther PP (We've had this one for years--but it never made it to this list.)
(12/22/10) Kahr P45, Kahr PM45 & Kahr TP45

**Denotes a recent addition to our list.  


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