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Mech Tech  Systems Inc., CCU

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CCUs for Glock Models: 19, 23 & 32

**Please note: We are not the manufacturer of the CCU**

Shown above, is the Mech Tech 1911 CCU--equipped with many of the available, optional accessories. Click here to see a photo of the base unit, and scroll down for more information.

NOW AVAILABLE  FOR THE GLOCK 17, 22, 31, 34 & 35 and the GLOCK 20 & 21!!!

Mech Tech CCU for Glocks--Sight Rail System and Poly Stock Insert sold separately.

Scope sold separately.



The purpose of the CCU is to convert an autoloading pistol into a shoulder stocked, semi-auto carbine.  The CCU is classified as a handgun accessory-not a firearm, and is exempt from Federal regulation--so it can be sold and shipped directly to the customer without any of the hassle usually associated with purchasing a firearm.  However, it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that he is within the bounds of state and/or local statutes.

The frame installs and removes easily with the bolt locked in the open position. For easy installation, the CCU bolt has a 'hold open' feature. To assemble, pull bolt handle toward rear notch and push in to hold open. Install frame. To ready the unit for firing, simply insert a loaded magazine into the frame and release the bolt, this will allow the bolt to close chambering a live round. The carbine fires in semi-auto mode just as the original pistol.

The 1911 CCU is currently available in the following calibers:  .45 ACP, 9mm,** 10 mm, .40 S&W, .38 Super, and the hot new .460 Rowland cartridge.   The CCU in .460 Rowland is also capable of firing .45 ACP.  Click here for general info about the .460 Rowland cartridge.  

**The 1911 CCU in 9MM caliber requires a long 'finger' ejector for proper ejection of fired cases.  Click here for more details

NOTE: All "MilSpec" type 1911 frames (Colt, Kimber, Springfield,  various clones, etc.) will work with the CCU regardless of the caliber of the CCU or handgun frame length (Officers Model, and other compact 1911 frames work fine)--however, you will need the appropriate magazine (magazines for .45 ACP are compatible with .460 Rowland).  An insert block is required for the use of the CCU with Para Ordnance and other frames cut for "ramped barrels."  The CCU is not compatible with the "Mollina" type frames, and some competition models that feature a long dust cover.

The GLOCK pistols have three basic frame sizes - 'Full Size' 'Compact' and 'Sub Compact'. In the 'Full Size' series are the Models G20 (10mm), G21 (45ACP), G17 (9mm), G22 (40 SW), G31 (357 Sig), G34 (9mm Long Slide) and G35 (40 SW Long Slide).  

Caliber "juggling" possible--For instance, if you have a G21 (45 ACP), the frame will work with a 10mm CCU--as long as you use a 10mm Glock magazine. The converse also applies - a G20 (10mm) frame will work with a 45 ACP CCU as long as you use a Glock 45 magazine. The G20 and 21 models are different in size from all the other 'Full Size' frames, we refer to these two as the 'fat' frames. All others in the 'Full Size' series we refer to as the 'thin' frames. Any of the 'thin' Glock frames will accept magazines of any of the other 'thin' frame calibers. Therefore, a CCU designed for the Glock models G17, G22, G31, G34 and G35, will work with any frame from these models -- just use the correct magazine. The reason for stating the foregoing is to indicate that a Mech-Tech CCU can be of a different caliber than the Glock pistol within the respective Glock series. This is handy for those who own 9mm Glocks and want a more potent caliber CCU.

IMPORTANT:  The Mech Tech CCU for Glocks may not function properly when using grip frames which have been modified from factory specs--i.e. trigger modification.

Glock – G17 models with serial numbers beginning with KY require fitting.



  • Home Defense
  • Simple conversion process--no tools required
  • Competitive Shooting
  • Will easily handle +P ammo
  • Recreational shooting
  • Greater range, accuracy, and higher bullet velocity
  • Hunting
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Pest/predator control
  • Weaver style sight base
  • Survival
  • Button Rifled Stainless Barrel
  • FUN
  • Optional Muzzle Extension (press fit-no threads) Comes standard--unless you specify otherwise when ordering.

CCU Specifications:


1018 steel, black, powder-coat finish.


Stainless steel - Approximately. 16.25" long.


1018 steel, black, powder-coat finish. 8-7/8" long

Scope Ring Base: Weaver-type, approximately 5¾" long, ½" tall, 13/16" thick.
Overall Length:

33.5 inches (w/Muzzle Extension).


Approximately 6.5 lbs.

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Prices subject to change without notice.  All CCU sales are final.

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CCU Model/Caliber (Base Unit only)


1911 CCU --.45 ACP


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1911 CCU--9mm, 10 mm, 38 Super & 40 S&W


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1911 CCU--.460 Rowland (also fires .45 ACP)


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NEW!  GLOCK CCU S--9 mm    Fits: G19, 23 & 32


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NEW!  GLOCK CCU S--40 S&W   Fits: G19, 23 & 32  

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NEW!  GLOCK CCU S--357 Sig    Fits: G19, 23 & 32


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GLOCK CCU L--9 mm    Fits: G17, 22, 31, 34 & 35  

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GLOCK CCU L--40 S&W    Fits: G17, 22, 31, 34 & 35  

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NEW!  GLOCK CCU L--357 Sig    Fits: G17, 22, 31, 34 & 35  

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NEW!  GLOCK CCU M--10 mm    Fits: G29 & 30  

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NEW!  GLOCK CCU M--.45 ACP    Fits: G29 & 30  

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GLOCK CCU F--10 mm    Fits: G20 & 21


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GLOCK CCU F--.45 ACP    Fits: G20 & 21


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Para Ordnance Insert Block


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Ballistic Nylon Buttstock Cover


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Poly Stock Insert


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Fixed Sight System


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Muzzle Sling Rail


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Shipping (per unit) (US only)  ** 


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Shipping costs for accessories will vary.

**Additional shipping charges may apply when shipping accessories with CCU.


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